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Items under this collection are on the book shelves situated on each side of the first floor. All materials in this section are in open stacks and may be checked out on request. The collection is arranged according to the Library of Congress Classification System.

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Near East Collection

The collection is a distinct feature of this library. The collection houses around 80.000 volumes, which makes it one of the largest and most comprehensive holdings in the Balkans and the Middle East on the history, art, and literature of the region. The lending of items in this section is handled by the staff at the Near-East collection desk. Please note that some of the items in this collection (bearing a red label) may ONLY be used in the Library. Location: Second floor

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Reference Collection

Reference material may only be used within the reference room and may not be borrowed for use outside the library. The collection contains reference works such as bibliographies, encyclopaedias, maps, dictionaries, and other material which is generally intended for consultation. Doctoral dissertations and master’s theses, in print form, submitted at Boğaziçi University are also loc ated in this room. All the material in this section except for dissertations and theses may be photocopied. Location: Ground floor

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Periodicals Collection

The collection contains both current loose issues and bound volumes and is located on the Basement (annex building). Current issues of periodicals are kept unbound for a year and are available on display racks in the Periodicals Section. Bound volumes are shelved alphabetically by the title of each journal in a separate section on the second floor. Items held in this collection are confined to use within the Periodicals Section. Photocopying of material is only permitted within the section where self-service photocopying facilities are made available for users. Periodicals published before 1980 are in closed storage but are available upon request from the Periodicals Inquiry Desk. Access to electronic journals, e-books, databases and CD-ROMs is available both online as well as through the terminals in this section where users may also use printing facilities. The library has subscriptions with 12 daily newspapers, 4 of which are non-Turkish. An archive is not maintained for newspapers however back issues in the form of microfilms will be provided upon request by the staff in charge of the Periodicals Collection. Location: Basement

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Reserve books and other material are available for use only in the library. The items held in this collection mostly consist of books and other required reading material which instructors at Boğaziçi University deem essential to their courses, which are listed under a card catalogue at the desk under the relevant course code. There is a time limit of two hours on all items issued from this collection. Location: First floor

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Audiovisual Collection

The collection is located in the basement and contains a collection of films, audio cassettes, records and compact discs. Up to 25 persons may simultaneously listen to music on 5 different channels. DVD and video players for viewing films are available by prior appointment. Users may access and search the audio-visual collection via the online catalogue. Location: Basement

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Braille Collection

The collection came into service through the donation of The Library of Congress Division for the Blind and Physically Handicapped in 1983. Presently the collection consists of 1.500 materials written in Braille alphabet. Location: Ground floor