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 Library Regulations

Başa Dön   Library Policies

  • Boğaziçi University (BU) card or a membership card must be presented for admission to the Library
  • Cellular phones must be switched off prior to entering the Library and must under no circumstances be used anywhere within the building
  • No food or drink other than bottled water may be brought in to the Library
  • Users are requested to work in silence and to ensure that other users are not disturbed
  • Users are advised to leave books on desks instead of attempting to place them on shelves from where they have been removed
  • Attempting to take out library material which has not been given clearance by the circulation desk shall be deemed an act of theft
  • All library material are protected by means of a magnetic security system
  • The Library accepts no responsibility for the loss or theft of users’ personal belongings
A CCTV system is installed throughout the Library to ensure the safety of users

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Library cards

Users must present their BU identity or membership card to the staff at the relevant lending desk whenever they wish to borrow material from the Library. Those who attempt to take out books by using another user’s card shall be subject to disciplinary sanctions.
Either one of the following cards will entitle the user to borrow books from the Library
·         BU identity cards: BU students, academic and administrative personnel who hold a valid BU identity card may use the same as a library card
·         Membership cards that do not bear a photograph of the user: These enable the user to borrow 4 items for a period of 21 days. These cards are issued only to the faculty members of other universities, B.U. Alumni and representetives of companies.
·         Restricted membership cards that bear a photograph of the user: These allow the user access only into the Library building. These cards are issued only to the faculty members, teaching assistants, graduate and doctoral students of other universities and B.U. Alumni.
None of the above mentioned cards are transferable.
The validity of BU student, academic, and administrative identity cards shall lapse upon the termination of the holders’ affiliation with the University
Membership cards are valid for a period of one year as of the date on which they are issued

The Borrowing Rights for Users

Status Length of time Number of items
BU Undergraduate students 21 days 10
BU Postgraduate students 21 days 20
BU Faculty members (current or retired) 3 months 30
BU Personnel 21 days 4
Members with borrowing rights 21 days 4

- Borrowed material can be renewed twice by the user over internet.
- Overdue fines applied to all categories.
- All books can be renewd unless requested by another user.
- Users who have overdue books are not allowed to check-out books.


Renewal of borrowed items

Users’ are entitled to renew items for the same period of time provided that that particular item has not been placed on hold by another user. Renewals may only be made twice over the internet.
Renewals are not possible over the telephone
Renewals must be made before the time for which the item is borrowed expires
Faculty members as well as users in the remaining categories may renew material within 21 days and 7 days prior to their expiration respectively. The responsibility for renewals rests upon users.
Users must renew the items in their possession in person at the relevant circulation desk
Users who wish to borrow an item which is on loan to another user may request that the book be placed on hold under his or her name either by accessing the Library’s website over the internet or by coming in person to the Library and by contacting the staff at the Lending Desk. The user may have access to the item in question either on the date when the item is due to be returned or before depending on the when the person to whom it has been lent happens to return it to the Library. The Library does not undertake to make the reserved book available, where for one reason or another, the existing holder fails to return the item on time. Once the item has been returned to the Library, an e-mail will be sent to the person who has placed a hold, informing him or her that the item has been received and is being kept exclusively for that person in the Library. Where a user fails to pick up the book from the Lending Desk within 7 days as of the date on which the item has been reserved, the latter shall be placed on the shelves.
Fines for Late Returns
Late returns shall be subject to fines. A fine is applicable in respect of each hour for items borrowed and not returned within two hours from the Course Material Reserve Section. Fines are imposed on the basis of the library working hours; hence, no fines shall accrue on official public holidays and other days on which the library is closed.
No new items shall be lent to users who have overdue library material or unpaid fines.
Fines for late returns may not be annulled. The Library staff has no discretion to annul or defer fines payable.
Material missing on shelves
Where users are unable to find on the shelf a particular item which appears to be in the Library they are requested to firstly seek the assistance of the book shelving staff on each floor, then the staff on the Circulation Desk. Once the item in question is located it will be put aside and kept for a period of 7 days at the Lending Desk of which the user shall be informed of accordingly.
Library Notices
It is the responsibility of users to ensure that they have a valid e-mail address at which they may receive messages that the Library sends out including general announcements, return and overdue reminders, outstanding debt payment as well as ‘hold’ reservation notices.

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All responsibility in connection with borrowed items rests upon the user
BU identity or membership cards may not be used by other than their rightful holders whether for entry into the Library or in connection with circulation matters
The Library shall not be held responsible where the user fails to be notified of the return due date whether on account of omissions or technical reasons. It is the duty of users to ensure that borrowed items are duly returned to the Library on time
Users bear all responsibility in connection with material lost or damaged whilst in their possession
Users are responsible for providing the Library with their current and valid e-mail address. The Library does not accept any responsibility for messages that fail to reach users.
The failure of the message to reach a user shall not in any way affect the validity of a late-return fine and shall not absolve the user of his or her obligation to pay the due fine.
A user’s borrowing rights shall be forfeited where the former fails to return a borrowed item on the due date or to pay for the cost of the material that he or she has lost or has inflicted damage thereon, or to observe in any way other library regulations. Upon having remedied the aforementioned breaches and/or payment of the requisite damages or fines for losses caused, the user shall be reinstated to his or her former rights.