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Library Relocation Frequently Asked Questions

The library will be open 24/7. You can access information about the operation of the library in the new process at the below


Where will the library operate?

The library will operate in the additional building where the Periodicals Section is located (underneath the pyramid).

How will I access the books during the relocation?

The library will operate with a closed-stack system and library staff will fulfill book requests from storage areas during the relocation.

What is the closed-stack system?

A closed-stack system is a system where the requested materials are retrieved from storage by library staff and then lent to the users, instead of users taking the materials directly from the shelves.

What are the opening hours of the librar's during the relocation?

Will be open 24/7, except for official holidays and breaks.

Will there be individual and group study rooms?

No, individual or group study rooms will not be available during the relocation.

What will be the seating capacity in the additional building?

The seating capacity will be 450.


How many books can I request at a time?

Faculty members can request 10 books,
while other users can request up to 5 books.

How long does it take to retrieve a requested book?

On average, books will be retrieved within 2 hours.

How will I be notified when the requested book is ready?

You will receive an email notification.

After retrieval, how long will the books be kept on the Circulation desk?

Books will be kept on the Circulation desk for 1 day to be borrowed.

Can I extend loan periods via phonecall or email?

Yes, due dates can be extended through the website, phone, or email (circ@boun.edu.tr) provided that the due date has not passed.

Will there be changes to borrowing limits?

No, borrowing limits will remain the same.

How can I request the books from storage?

Book requests will be made online. Library members who are unable to borrow books can request access to books in the library by filling out the "book request form" in the user services section on our website.

Will course reserve service continue?

Yes, the reserve service will continue.

Where can I borrow the books of course reserve section from?

The books of course reserve section can be borrowed from the Circulation desk in the additional library building (underneath Pyramid).


Can I access to printed journals in the Periodicals Section?

No, printed journals access will be unavailable. The Article requests can be fulfilled through the ILL system.


Approximately 1500 frequently used Turkish journals from printed journals will be available to our researchers in the reading room through an open access shelf system.

Will there be restrictions on electronic resources?

Electronic resources will be accessed 24/7 using BOUN email and password from on-campus and off-campus locations.

Will the current printed journals will be accessed?

Users will be able to benefit from our recently received current journals in the same way.

Where can I access daily newspapers?

You can access daily newspapers and magazines 24/7 from both on-campus and off-campus through our Press Reader database.

Will microfilm service continue?

Yes, microfilm service will continue.
(Readers will be able to access microfilms of sources such as Cumhuriyet, Milliyet, The New York Times, The Times, The Times Educational Supplement, Papers of American Board, etc., via a microfilm machine.)


Will library user training (orientation) programs continue?

Yes, library user training (orientation) programs will continue both face-to-face and online.

Will library membership registrations continue?


Will the Audiovisual Department continue to provide service?

Yes, Audiovisual Department will continue to serve in the laboratory located at the entrance of ETA B block on the north campus.


Will the Rare Books Collection continue to provide service?

Yes, the service will continue within the existing system.


Will the ILL service continue?

Yes, the service will continue within the existing system.


Can undergraduate students make article requests through ILL?

Since access to the periodicals archive will not be available, undergraduate students will only be able to make article requests through the ILL system.